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Much has been written about the Butler bloodline and about the breeders who have perpetuated it. The following articles are reprinted* here for your enjoyment and to help you learn about this unique and interesting segment of the Texas Longhorn breed.

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The Butler Foundation Cattle Brochure is now available online and is designed to help breeders identify Butler traits in their own herds. The 9 pages of Butler longhorn photographs offer insight into the herds of the early Butler breeders, pictorially comparing color patterns, conformation and horn shape of Butler longhorns.


History of the Butler Bloodline
Articles about Milby Butler
Butler Breeders
Articles about breeders that have followed Milby Butler
Butler Texas Longhorns

Articles about specific Butler cattle

General Interest
Articles for anyone interested in Texas Longhorn cattle

All articles that were originally published in Texas Longhorn Journal or The Texas Longhorn Scene are reprinted here with permission from TLJ Online. All articles that were originally published in Texas Longhorn Trails are reprinted here with permission from Texas Longhorn Trails.


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