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One Million Dollar Bull

The Longhorn Scene- October 1982

Just prior to the start of the Box-Overton Labor Day Invitational Sale on September 4th at Elbert, Colorado, Red McCombs and F.M. Graves announced a semen interest in the herd sire Classic, who is believed to be the longest-horned Texas Longhorn bull in the world.

The syndication has twenty shares, of which they are offering ten for sale at this time for $50,000.00 each. Each share gets a total of 500 ampules and 250 breeding certificates. The other ten shares are not for sale at this time. Immediate purchasers were Jack Montgomery, Charlene Rogers, Darol Dickinson, John Monk, J.B. Hunn, H.C. Carter, John Roberts, Peter Allen and the Y.O. Ranch.

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