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Butler Boy - 1976-1991

Longhorn Journal, June/July 1991

One of the most well-known and highly-promoted Longhorn sires in Longhorn history, Butler Boy, passed away in February of this year. The Butler-bred bull, owned by the Ace Cattle Company of Folsom, Louisiana since 1989, was among the "celebrities" of the breed, having been one of the big syndication bulls during the Longhorn breed's halcyclone days of the early and mid-1980's. He was bred by Pauline Russell of Liberty, Texas and was a product of the "magic mating" of Bevo and Beauty- the one the produced Classic and many other well-known Longhorns (see our Butler bloodline feature on page 8). He was registered by Wiley Knight of New Waverly, Texas from whom Red McCombs purchased him in May 1982. In 1985, the $1,000.000 Butler Boy Syndicate was formed, cementing the bull's place in Longhorn lore. Among his better-known offspring are Little Brownie, Butler Princess, MF Red Wing, and Fancy Butler. He was still breeding his last year, and died of natural causes.

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