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A Flying Start

Texas Longhorn Journal - July / August 1986
By Carl Brantley

Once in a very great while, it is possible to get a flying start in a new adventure. Those who have that great fortune have been favored with "a head start," "a leg up," good luck". "As we have begun in Texas Longhorns, we have been well blessed with a head start, a leg up, great good luck and - a flying start. A lot of study and little luck helped up focus initially and primarily on Butler cattle, those cows and bulls bred my Mr. Milby Butler, his friends and colleagues, and more recently by his philosophical heirs in Texas Longhorns. Through the advice and help of Darol Dickinson, Wanda Pridgen, Blackie Graves, Walter Schreiner, Red McCombs and J.B. Hunn, we have acquired our start—and what a start it is! Eighteen cows and heifers, one bull, and a tank full of some of the greatest old bulls and a selected few moderns! The breeders of these animals are a "Who's Who" in Butler and Butler-related Texas Longhorn breeding, with two of them bred by Mr. Butler himself and carrying his legendary OT brand, others by Mr. Harmon Knight, Mr. Luman Holman, Mr. Sammy Meshell, Mr. Dickinson. "There are so many "Pride an Joy" animals in this little herd, which will be further augmented as we come upon others we want and can obtain, that it's difficult to pick one."

There's Foxy Lady, the great full sister to Bold Ruler that will be bred to her brother in ET "there's Majestic, more than 20 years old, gruella-and-white with two broken horns, but still sporting conformation of dream quality, also going back to ET work…and Majestic's daughter, Tack A Berry McAdoo, a Classic daughter that has perhaps the best conformation in Texas Longhorns today…Rose, a Sam Partlow-bred daughter of Henry B x Miss Liberty 10 and a half-sister of Dode’s Boy in the dam side…and her daughter, Miss Rose Partlow, a No Double daughter of great promise that could be another Rose Red. Their ancestry is close…the elegant old Holman 6, bred by Mr. Butler the year he died and purchased by Mr. Holman early in his Butler-concentration days, that is also going to ET…the closely related Holman 16, another of those big, wide-bodied Butler cows that reminds you of a 747…and her daughter, Esperanza, a black-and-white spotted lineback by Holman B3…Marika, that sensational Classic x Maressa daughter, is going to get a chance to show what she can do by Butler-bred bulls… Butler J Miss Butler, the champ from last year’s “Seven Families” sale, a terrific lineback already bred to Long Point ButlerNuance, a Pappy L x Rachel L, a sib-mating by Dr., Harmon Knight which concentrates the Thomas genes, and she will be bred back to her father and then out-crossed to Long Point and his brother Monarch…old Maybelle, the dam of H. C. Carter’s Bold Bishop, and believed to be a daughter of Smarty x Aunt Jemima, that will go to ET bred to Jumbo Horns and then Long Point Butler, making each offspring 56.25% linebred to Smarty (and she's OT-branded by Mr, Butler)…Mona Monarch FM 314, a Monarch daughter out of FM Graves 77, another full sister to Bold Ruler. This big-horned cow, bred by Mr. Graves, is in calf to Dode's Boy…FM Graves 74, a still more ancient one by Sam x Miss Dayton 4…and perhaps the queen “Frosty Face, that fabulous and elegant Ken daughter of old Romia. Her brothers were Conquistador and Thomas and her sisters were White Horns 58, Brownie 64, White Horns 2, and Pencil Horns…and a little princess, Miss Lorene Graves, a Dode's Boy daughter x Classy Sal, a Classic daughter…and the kind Long Point Butler the rarest combination of Butler Texas Longhorn genes. He’s the only son of Classic out of Classic's only sister, Lady Butler. A brother to Monarch, Double Butler and Super Butler, and to Lady Butler's only two daughters, Grand Beauty Butler and Texie. Bred by Pauline Russell, LP was in the herd of Wiley Knight until he went to work for Walter Schreiner at the Y.O. and Red McCombs…Today we have begun…Tomorrow we will begin to see what our designs and our dreams will be shaped like…And some day in the future we will have our part in the continuing Saga of Milby and Henry Butler's Cattle…A part begun with sound animals, fabulous genetics developed by the master and bred on by other master breeders…Raised in good nutrition and health with care and understanding…in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina.

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