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Bevo Dies at Age 20

By: Robert King

On April 17, 1983, Bevo died on the Robert Harrell ranch just outside Dallas as a result of kidney failure. Born in 1963, Bevo, TLBAA #41, was bred by the late Milby Butler of League City, Texas, and owned by DeWitt Meshell of Trinity, Texas.

This great Butler-bred bull's fame comes from his unsurpassed progeny. In addition to being an obvious survivor of the fittest, Bevo was the sire of our breed's longest horned bull, Classic, as well as other great herd sires like Reveille, Monarch, Butler Boy, Jumbo Horns, Bimbo, Bravo and the great cow Lady Butler, just to mention a few.

Bevo was Milby Butler's favorite herdsire and the result of years of selective breeding. He always bred Bevo the great Butler cow Beauty. These matings produced the most sought-after genetics in the Butler family of cattle.

After Butler's death the Butler Longhorns, including Bevo, were widely scattered as a result of estate liquidations. It was the good fortune of Mr. Ruel Sanders to acquire Bevo along with some top Butler females. For many years Mr. Sanders quietly built his herd from Bevo progeny, even using Bevo back on Bevo daughters, thus developing a tremendous set of cattle all sired by Bevo. DeWitt Meshell acquired Bevo from Sanders in 1980 and used Bevo in his last years on some select Butler cows as well as getting Bevo A.I. certified and collected.

As Bevo was put to rest in the spring of 1983, his progeny will continue to be testimony to this now great immortal sire.

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