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Complete Stats: Classic Especial

The Longhorn Scene- June 1984
Herd Sire Centerfold
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Herd Sire Fact Sheet

Name: Classic Especial
TLBAA No: 8666
Private Herd No. 222 Right Ribs
Date of Birth: March 11, 1980

Color: White with dark red-brindle spots on both sides and head. Red ears and feet.

Horn Length: 53 1/2 inches tip to tip

Weight: 1,600 pounds

Semen Availability: Fall 1984
Semen Price: $200 per unit

Awards: 1981 McCombs Bull Futurity Reserve Champion, 1981 Redmac Fiesta Sale High-Selling Bull

Remarks: Extremely clean and well muscled. The product of two outstanding Butler lines. He has proven himself with outstanding calf crops.

Current location: With his fancy girlfriends in Fort Worth, Texas.

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