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The Butler Bloodline's 29 Most Influential Bulls & Females

By Kaso Kety
Longhorn Journal, March/April 1998

The Butler Bloodline's 29 Most Influential Bulls and Females

As more and more breeders seek to add the Butler bloodline to their herds, we felt it was important to show a few of the best known and most productive individuals from each of the Butler subfamilies. This tribute is to give breeders a better understanding of the genetics available in the Butler bloodline, how they interact, and how they may fit into your particular program. We have limited our discussion to animals that have passed away, but it is their blood which runs through today's straight Butler cattle. A few notes are provided on each including if semen was collected on the bulls.

DIXIE ACE 1986 Man O'War x Katz Meow

A very clean and masculine bull, he was the most prominent son of Man O'War for many years. He produced several excellent sons still in use as herd sires including Conquistarc. This line of cattle carries on the Man O'War influence. Semen available.

DIXIE HUNTER 1980 Classic x Rose Red

The greatest son of the famous Classic-Rose Red combination. This incredibly consistent and productive bull was widely used in blend and straight-Butler programs. Dixie Hunter sired numerous well-known herd sires and breed-topping females. One of the breed's best all-around bulls ever, his best straight-Butler son is Ace's Hunter's pride. Semen is available.

BOLD RULER 1973 Sam x Miss Dayton 5

Bold Ruler became a breed great long before his influence was felt in straight Butler herds. While his outcross calves proved his productivity it was not until the late 1980's that his value to Butler herds was realized. His son Ace's Mojo (out of Maressa) in effect created a new line of Butler cattle and available source of fresh blood. Semen available.

BLUE HORNS 1975 Lone Ranger 72 x Freckle Neck

A product of foundation Butler breeding. Main herd sire for the Meshell subfamily of Butler cattle. Sire of Superior as well as many top daughters. Semen available.

SUPERIOR 1979 Blue Horns x Droop Horns

The best son of Blue Horns and an excellent producer in his own right. Very popular in blend genetics programs for years and is now being used more in straight Butler programs. Semen available.

SHENANDOAH 998 1973 Milby 282 x Fort Knox

Big Beautiful Partlow bred cow. Shenandoah possessed tremendous horn base and striking coloration. Mother of several good herd sires but best known for her lookalike son, Colorado Cowboy.

MF DROOPY 1980 Blue Horns x Miss Droopy

A fabulous daughter of Blue Horns and Miss Droopy, a high-selling embryo donor. Dam of several over 60-inch horned daughters sired by Classic, Bold Ruler, and Redmac Beau Butler.

LINEBACK 12 1976 Bevo x Lineback 3

Beautiful Ruel Sanders-bred Bevo daughter. Full sister to Bimbo and an outstanding producer. Mother of several herd sires and famous daughters including the "Easter" cow.

FRECKLE NECK 1970 Smarty x Faye

Obtained by Dewitt Meshell from Milby Butler. The mother of Blue Horns (included in this feature). Many of his daughters show her influence.

DROOP HORNS 1970 Smoothy x Mammu

Obtained by Sammy Meshell from Milby Butler. Famous for her tight corkscrew twist horn shape. An outstanding producer, she is the mother of Superior as well as several excellent daughters. She is an elite cow on the Butler bloodline.

SISSY "L" 1975 Thomas x Sara "L"

One of the most beautiful Butler cows ever, Sissy produced outstanding straight Butler calves by Lepper bulls as well as Butler bulls of other lines and several excellent daughters remain.

CAMILLE "L" 1975 Thomas x Sally "L"

Another Lepper female that combined beauty and productivity. She was possibly the most influential Lepper female as her son Royal Ten was used extensively and several daughters are at the core of the Lepper bloodline.


This 1968 Thomas daughter bred by Milby Butler was a foundation female for Forrest Lepper. She produced many good offspring, but her most valuable contribution has been through her straight Lepper daughter Maribeth 274 "Old Time". This survives as a major line in the Lepper cattle today.

FM GRAVES 52 1968 Sam x Miss Dayton 16

She was one of the most traditional and true Longhorns ever. She reflects the "Mexican" influence in the Butler herd. An unbelievably potent producer, she is the mother of Classey Blubutler and Monarch's Missy who sold for a total of $30,000 at Blackie Graves dispersal.

FM GRAVES 54 1974 Sam x Miss Dayton 3

For years she was known as Blackie Graves biggest-horned cow. She possessed tremendous horn base for a female. Mother of the herd sires Classic Example and one of the hottest bulls of today - Ace's Dayton Desperado owned by Creek Plantation.


A 1972 Partlow cow of straight Butler breeding. A breed production leader, she held industry records for high-selling offspring and total dollars worth of progeny sold. Her fabulous sons and daughters are too numerous to list. She is truly a Texas Longhorn legend and she has insured that her genetics will never disappear from the Butler bloodline.

FM GRAVES 107 1977 Man O'War x Miss Dayton 21

A breathtakingly beautiful Blackie Graves-bred cow. She is generally very typical of many Man O'War daughters and is best known as the dam of the herd sire Redmac Beau Butler.

MARESSA 1976 Milby ½ x Miss Liberty 49

A breed leader in production. Famous for her "high-dollar" sons and daughters by Butler and non-Butler bulls alike. Maressa's straight-Butler sons include Ace's Mojo, No Double, Ace's Hunters Pride, and Ace's Witch Doctor. She was a prepotent female.

CLASSIC 1973 Bevo x Beauty

The first 60” horned bull in breed also became one of the most unjustly maligned bulls ever. Today, over a decade after his passing, this recipient of both lavish praise and caustic criticism has regained his status as one of the greatest producing bulls the breed has yet seen. He has sired more quality progeny than any Longhorn bull to date. Semen is available.

MONARCH 103 1975 Bevo x Lady Butler

Monarch may well be the greatest horn-producing bull ever. A product of Butler line-breeding, he produced many of the breed's longest horned bulls, cows and trophy steers. He continues to be widely used today years after his death. Semen is available.

DON JUAN OF CHRISTINE 1980 Classic x Holman #1

Don Juan, out of the Butler-branded Holman Cow 1, was one of the Classic's best sons. He produced many fabulous daughters while being used primarily as an outcross bull. His greatest claim to fame as a straight-Butler sire may be as the sire of Dr. Frank Anderson's tremendous young bull, Coach. Semen is available.

BUTLER BOY 1976 Bevo x Beauty

The baby brother of the Bevo-Beauty cross. Possessed a massive horn base which he transferred to many of his offspring. Unfortunately no straight Butler sons exist yet, but Butler Boy is represented by numerous big-horned daughters. Semen available.

CONQUISTADOR 1971 Ken x Tannie

Purchased by Blackie Graves for Dode Partlow from Milby Butler. A very productive sire for the Partlow program. Recently he has been used on other Butler subfamilies. A high number of sons were used as herd sires. The Conquistador line is known for its large horn base. Best living son is Ace's Milby (out of Graves 102) now owned by Creek Plantation. A limited amount of Conquistador semen remains.

COLORADO COWBOY 1979 Conquistador x Shenandoah

The most prominent Conquistador son. A lookalike to his mother Shenandoah 998 (profiled on previous page) and heavily influenced by the Milby 282 bull. Used extensively for years as an outcross bull on other bloodlines, his impact on the Butler bloodline is just beginning to be felt years after his death. Raised in Colorado, he was perhaps the largest straight Butler bull. His offspring are generally easy to identify by characteristic markings and large, heavy horns. Semen is available.

HOLMAN B3 1972 Holman B1 x Holman Cow 3

Bred by Milby Butler out of the gorgeous Butler-branded Holman Cow 3. An outstanding sire of very productive daughters. He and his sire (the Butler-branded Holman B1) were the primary sires of the Holman subfamily. At the Ace Cattle Company we found cattle of this breeding to be among our most reliable and predictable.

DODE'S BOY 1976 Conquistador x Miss Liberty 10th

A tremendous sire for Blackie Graves. Produced many top sons and daughters. Two of his best sons were Mr. Graves and Dode's Classic. Semen is available.

SUPER BUTLER 1982 Superior x Lady Butler

The best straight-Butler son of Superior, this bull produced many daughters in the 60" range. Super Butler is also the sire of Michael McLeod's Mesquite line of cattle.

MAN O'WAR 1971 Reviero x Emporia

Given to Blackie Graves by Henry Butler. The producer of several excellent sons, his daughters are his true claim to greatness. These twisty-horned, distinctly marked, productive females work well with all major Butler lines. Limited semen is available.

HE'S A TEN 1977 Pappy "L" x Kerry Belle "L"

The "super sire" of the Lepper bloodline, this bull is the reason that any straight Lepper-bred cattle exist at all. Sire of many top sons and daughters. Quite possibly as good as any Butler sire.

The Originals

Texas Longhorn Journal
March/April 1998

What does a pure Butler cow look like? The photos below and to the right are of straight Butler females, all bred and raised by Milby and Henry Butler or resulting from foundation breeding stock. They clearly show, the "small and white" stereotype of the Butler bloodline doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Most of these cows are Butler branded and differ in type from the commonly held image of what Butler cows look like.Of particular interest are the conformational traits, color patterns and horn growth patterns. It is important to remember, for historical context, that these photos are of cattle in their teens and twenties that date back to the 1960s and '70s.

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