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Sand Hills Ranch
Dora Wood

3501 Hwy 513
Mansfield, LA 71052
E-mail us at echoofambush@aol.com
Web page: www.sandhillsranch.com

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It's all about Longhorns and enjoying the breed! Calving season is just like "looking for Easter eggs." We've had registered Texas Longhorn cattle since 1989, and straight Butler cattle for the past three years. We have about 40 striaght Butler cows and heifers and more than 100 blends.

Our main herd sire, K&B Jasper 30X.
Born April 28, 1999
R3 Santana x MF Fireworks
Junior Herd Sire: Billy Zip 12/0
Born December 12, 2000
Blackie 7/7 x MF C-A-L Speedy
Junior Herd Sire: SH High Pointman 29/2
Born March 14, 2002
Coach x Twist Eight
Hanky Panky 106
Born April 1, 1997
MF Double Droopy x OT Giant Horns
Miss Liberty Butler BW 96/4
Born November 18, 1994
Ace's Mojo x Monarch Dudeos
MY Victoria's Secret 12/9
Born May 17, 1999
CP Magic Class X Miss Victoria
MF Blue Iodine #19
Born July 14, 2002
HTJ Blue Class x MF NO Iodine
MF Blue Shell 17
Born July 7, 2002
HTJ Blue Class x Meshell Droopy

Class Winner at the 2003 Horn Showcase! Sold in the 2003 Horn Showcase to buyers Mike and Debbie Bowman!
SH Perfect Ann 5/2
Born February 19, 2002
K&B Jasper x Swinging A Miss Ann
Shown at 18 1/2 months


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