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a group of breeders who specialize in the
Butler bloodline of Texas Longhorn cattle.

Please enjoy your visit to the sponsoring ranches
and more of the Butler Texas Longhorns.

Rocking P Longhorns

Brennan & Michele Potts
P.O. Box 579
Emory, Texas 75440
Email: bpotts1@verizon.net


Cinnamon Star, Butler Longhorn Cow
CP Isabell, Butler Longhorn Cow

Cinnamon Star 
Dark Star Chex x BH Henry's Reflection

CP Isabell 
Ace's Milby x Ace's Magic Isabell
Wrangler Chex 535, Butler Longhorn Bull
Wrangler Chex 535 
VJ Tommmie (aka Unlimited) x Love County Queen
Sister Graves, Butler Longhorn Cow
George W's Droopy Girl, Butler Longhorn Cow
Sister Graves  
Graves Outlaw x Graves Princess
George W's Droopy Girl 
George W x Little Droopy's  Girl


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