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GTO Ranch
Hitchcock, Texas
446 Ranch Brand
Mojo's Rocket, Longhorn Bull
446 Ranch Brand

Mojo's Rocket

(Ace's Mojo x Delta Rockette)

Our ranch is located in Hitchcock, Tx,  just south of Houston.   Our Butler bred cattle graze on some of the same pastures as Mr. Butlers' cattle grazed some 80 years ago in Galveston County .   These cattle flourish here.   

My goal is to have the best bred Butler cattle in the Houston and Galveston areas.   This is quickly becoming a reality as we utilize the breeding of the great Delta Rockette's genes through my bull  "Mojo's Rocket" .   This bull was the high seller of the Butler Invitational Sale.  Bred from Ace's Mojo and Delta Rockette, (A.I.)  His mother and full sister have also been High Sellers at the Butler Invitational Sale.  Any cow from this blending seems to bring well over $25000.00 at auctions.   

I utilize cattle from Butler greats such as Tommie, Horn Showcase Champion Farlap Chex and Roan Denim 102.   Mojo's Rocket throws loud colored calves like himself and Delta Rockette , which is another reason why I chose this bloodline.

I hope GTO branded cattle will bring you profit and enjoyment.

Michael W. Gillaspia

Moon Rocket

 Mojo's Rocket calves.


Rocket Lass


Michael Gillaspia
Hitchcock, Texas



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